Head Chef Pablo brings the Sutherland Shire a menu inspired by around the world cuisine with a twist.
We have something for everyone.


Cinnamon Banana Bread  

Sourdough toast, cherry loaf , soy linseed or gluten-free toast  
berry jam / vegemite / peanut butter / nutella

Bacon & Egg Roll  
two bacon rashers, two fried eggs & tomato relish

Paleo Granola by farmer Joes (GF, VG) 
seasonal fruits, chia seeds, goji berries & coconut yoghurt

Eggs on Toast  
choice of poached, fried or scrambled & sourdough toast

Big Brekkie 
chargrilled Rodriguez Bro’s chorizo, saute thyme mushrooms, bacon, roasted vine tomatoes, house-made hashbrown, eggs & sourdough toast

Eggs Benedict  
poached eggs, saute spinach, smoked salmon or bacon, chive hollandaise & sourdough toast

Portobello Vegan Toast (VG, GF optional)  
portobello mushrooms, salsa verde, avocado, crispy kale, cashew parmesan, fresh basil & sunflower and amarant sourdough toast.

Three Cheese Toastie  
gouda, gruyere, cheddar, chives, bacon and jalapeno jam, fried egg & crispy leek

Vanilla & Cinnamon French Toast
coconut mascarpone, roasted coconut, banana, blueberries, lemon balm & maple syrup
Add ice cream $3

Acai Bowl (GF, VG)  
paleo granola, seasonal fruits, chia seeds, dehydrated berries & toasted coconut

Zucchini & Sweet Potato Fritter (GF)  
burnt butter corn pure, fresh basil, pan fried chorizo & heirloom tomatoes, chilli flakes, poached egg & smashed avo

Avo Toast (V, GF optional)  
quinoa & soyabean sourdough toast, heirloom tomatoes, fresh basil, persian fetta & aleppo oil

Turkish Eggs 
sauté chorizo, field mushrooms, labneh, za’atar, rocket, mint, roast capsicum, persian feta & grilled pita bread

Open Omelette
crispy chat potatoes, pancetta, caramelised onions,
spinach, manchego cheese, miso hollondaise & chargrilled toast

Parmesan Scrambled Eggs
scrambled eggs with parmigiano reggiano, basil, tomato & chilli relish ser ved with sourdough toast

LUNCH  |  FROM 11:00AM

Chicken Burger  
southern fried chicken, oak lettuce, tomato, american cheese, spicy nduja mayonnaise & chips

Beef Burger  
angus beef burger, oak lettuce, tomato, house made pickles, onion, american cheese, house sauce & chips

Chicken Salad 
grilled chicken, rocket, semi-dried tomatoes, harissa cous-cous, caramelised onions, roasted almonds & chicken crackling

Atlantic Salmon Spaghettini
with capers, heirloom tomatoes, basil, parsley, garlic, chilli & EVO

Greenhouse Bowl  

grilled lamb backstrap, poached egg, charred corn, heirloom tomatoes, avocado, sweet potato, chimichurri & grilled pita bread

Veggie salad (GF, VG) 
Spinach, kale, mint, seaweed, edamame beans, black rice, avocado, toasted sesame seeds with orange & ginger vinaigrette 

Butternut Pumpkin & Goat Cheese Ravioli (V)
pumkin puree, cashew crumb, crispy sage, burnt butter & parmigiano reggiano

Greenhouse Platter (for 2 people)
jamon serrano, panco crumbed calmari, aioli, mix olives, rocket and parmesan salad, tomato bruschetta & sweet potato wedges.


Aperol Spritz
Aperol, prosecco, soda & orange

Limoncello Spritz
Limoncello, prosecco, soda & lemon

Campari Spritz
Campari, sparkling wine & soda

Rosé Sangria
minty & fresh

Chamomile Blossoms
Rosé, peach liqueur, raspberries, strawberries & orange

Coffee Gram
Kahlúa, coffee, vodka & whipped cream

Green Mimosa
Champagne, Midori & pineapple juice

Pink Flamingo
Vodka, Malibu, cranberry juice and lemon juice


White / Black
Hot Chocolate / Mocha
White Chocolate Mocha
Ginger Latte



English Breakfast
pure black tea

French Earl Grey
pure black tea with pineapple & mango pieces

Honeydew Green
green tea with highlights of melon & apricot

minty & fresh

Chamomile Blossoms
sweet with hints of green apple Fruits of Eden sweet with passionfruit after taste

Malabar Chai
rich and exotic flavour spices meld to create the taste of mysterious orient


Cookies & Cream
Chocolate Peppermint
Coconut Caramel


Apple, celery, lemon & spinach
Watermelon, pineapple & mint
Orange, carrot & ginger


Pina Colada
pineapple, coconut cream, pineapple juice & condensed milk

mango & coconut water

cinnamon, apple & almond milk


Iced Latte  
Iced Long Black  
Iced Chocolate / Mocha / Chai / Coffee
with whipped cream & ice cream
Add shot of Kahlúa